Hotel Indell in Umba
Indel hotel: 2B, Vosmogo Marta st., Umba, Russia
Hotel Indel is located in Umba township, one of the last bastions of civilization on the way east along the White Sea cost, in a beautiful location named Pirya Guba.

Terms and prices

Accommodation (double room) + "continental breakfast" : 1500 RUB per person per day
Addition up to full board : 800 RUB per person per day.
"Overnight" - accomodation from 20:00 to 10:00 : 700 RUB,

Additional services:
Sea fishing at Pirya Guba area.
Rent of motor boat "Crimea-M" (up to 3 people) + guide service
Season: from June to October.
Trophies: cod, flounder, catfish.

You can fish by youself on the Umba river and Pirya Guba bay of the White Sea. (walking distance from our hotel )
Trophies: salmon, brown trout (trout), grayling
Season: from May 15 to October 1,
* You must purchase licenses for fishing on the Umba river.

Excursions in Kandalaksha and Tersky shore (up to the Mouth of Varzuga river): coast-dweller's villages, Church of the Assumption in Varzuga settlement, antique traditional fishing places (Tonys), an abandoned amethyst quarry and other attractions.

Fishing on the rivers around Umba, accessible by car: Umba, Khlebnaya, Kuzreka, Varzuga
Trophies: salmon, brown trout (trout), grayling.
Season: from May 15 to October 1,
* You must purchase licenses


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