Fishing on the Kola Peninsula.
Expedition to confined areas of the Tersky Coast. The best salmon rivers. For small groups up to 6 persons.
Fishing on taiga rivers, lakes and streams. Small forest settlements - quite inaccessible places. Not a soul in many dozens of miles around you!
рыбалка на терском берегу
рыбалка на таежных реках
Hotel Indel is located in Umba township, one of the last bastions of civilization on the way east along the White Sea cost, in a beautiful location named Pirya Guba.
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Fishing on the Kola Peninsula. The Tersky Coast.

Come on, friends - let's go to the Kola Peninsula, to the Lapland, to the Tersky Coast. Plunge into a primeval beauty of untouched nature of the Russian North, move to another age, to another dimension, to the North Tale!

On the way to the Kola you can observe the change of climatic zones, and if your journey to the Tersky Coast will take place in spring or autumn - a kaleidoscope of different seasons will sweep beside you!

Tersky Coast of the White Sea. Coast-dwellers culture. Remains of Sami civilization. Aurora and white nights.

The Tersky Coast offers you unprecedented polar days and white nights. Since September you can admire the mysterious flashes of aurora.

There, on the coast of the Kola Peninsula you will be able to really get into the spirit of the Russian North, to touch the roots of ancient civilizations.

Coast-dweller's culture is preserved on the Tersky Coast in its original forms. The traces of even more ancient civilizations are clearly visible there - you can find stone arrowheads of Sami hunters or cave paintings of primitive artists.

Fishing salmon, trout, brown trout, grayling in the best salmon rivers of the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula.

Yes, sure, the main goal of our trip is an unforgettable fishing on protected salmon rivers of the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula. Our cross-country route passes along the coast of the White Sea with a stops at the most interesting, beautiful and rich in fish salmon rivers. Look forward for wonderful trophies - a large salmon, sea trout and grayling. That's a place to practice in spinning and fly fishing!Терский берег Кольского полуострова


What we offer is immeasurably more than fishing on the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula.

If you are romantic (a bit), if you're an artist or photographer (at least at heart), if the beauty of pristine nature of the Kola Peninsula can touch you , if you have the spirit of the researcher and it will be interesting to you to stumble field of amethyst, to find a drawing of primitive artist that no one has seen before you...

Than it's very well that you have come to our site!

Then - let's go to an unforgettable journey to the reserved salmon rivers of the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula!

We are your friends and associates. We love these wonderful places and will be glad to help you to join the inexplicable Northern Tale!Терский берег Кольского полуострова


Salmon fishing trips on the rivers of the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula.

The program of tours to the reserved salmon rivers of the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula can be discussed and adjusted - both in advance and during the trip.
Everything will be as you want. We do not endorse the "conveyor tourism." Therefore, let's do not call it a "tour".

Let's call it "journey".

Let's call it "expedition"!