The best rivers of the Tersky Coast 

The best rivers of the Tersky Coast   (expeditionary tour)

You can get some idea of this tour, watching slideshow and videos, dedicated to this trip:


Start point: Umba town (Murmansk region)
Group: up to 6 people
Price: on request
Duration of this trip: 7 days

Route: from Mouth of Varzuga to.Pyalitsa river.
Rivers: Chapoma, Pyalitsa, Yugina
Transport: off-road vehicles
Accommodation: Tents of camping type
(Base camps are on Chapoma and Pyalitsa rivers)
Trophies: salmon, brown trout (trout), grayling, pike, perch
* You must purchase licenses

Meals: Breakfast and dinner at overnight stay. Lunch - at fishing places.
Can be seen: marine animals, rare species of birds, wild horses, bears.

How to get to Umba:
1. By car
2. By train to Kandalaksha, then 110km. by bus or a car.
3. By plane to Murmansk, then 350km by car/bus.

- The cost of the license is not included in the tour price and must be paid additionally.
- Type of license: "Catch and release": fishing from 6-00 to 24-00, the catch is not limited.
- Hunting licenses during hunting season.


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